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Dhriiti is an endeavor to promote  sustainable livelihoods through development of micro enterprise value chains and by building a attitude & spirit of entrepreneurship amongst the next generation of Indians. It is an organization for the young and by the young. It is for those Youngsters who have the courage to say - 'We Can Change'

The core idea behind this project is the spirit of enterprise that we want to promote, introduce and inculcate. We realize the urgent need and potential that is present in the rural and semi urban communities in India . A potential which if exploited properly can yield tremendous results in the form of thousands of highly competitive small enterprises creating sustainable livelihood options for millions. Our attempt is to wed and juxtapose these potentials, to focus in the youth, and to promote small industries and its products in the light and benefits of modern tools of management and technology.


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Co-founders of Dhriiti – Anirban Gupta, Arindam Dasgupta and Nidhi Arora have won the Paragon Fellowship at Asia Pacific Level 2009 organized by Foundation for Youth Social Entrepreneurship.


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