Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Dhriiti strongly believes in the power of youth to take charge and be the torchbearers for taking our country to the next stage of development. We lack neither resources nor intellect. However, what we lack today is the courage and drive to take a step and make a difference. There is an increasing tendency to fall into the rat race and forget about one’s own identity and individuality. It is with this thought that the Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) at Dhriiti was formed.

The purpose of the cell is to develop individuals across socio economic backgrounds, who have the courage to dream, the drive to make a difference, the ability to believe in themselves and the persistence to convert their thoughts into action. The cell works to prepare a pool of next generation entrepreneurs who, through their dreams and action, would contribute to the economic and social development of India.


  • Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow Programme (EoT) – It is a unique youth oriented entrepreneurship development approach designed to encourage entrepreneurship in formal and informal learning spaces in India. It lets youth experiment and explore self & surroundings to build livelihood opportunities through enterprises which are connected to their passions and address need gaps of their society.             Read more...
  • Building Entrepreneurs (BE) – The BE programme has been designed to orient the school students towards entrepreneurship because schooling is the phase when most of the young minds start dreaming about their goals in life and how they plan to achieve their goals. Read more...
  • HP Micro Enterprise Development Centre – Dhriiti is an implementing partner of the HP Entrepreneurship Learning Program (HP HELP Program). Dhriiti sees ICT as an important tool to be incorporated in its entrepreneurship training and is implementing the programme in North East India. Read more...


  • Trained around 1000 participants in Delhi/NCR across socio economic backgrounds
  • Conducted Train the trainer with around 30 field coordinators from different CSOs
  • 40 enterprises initiated by the participants trained by Dhriiti
  • Trainings conducted in partnership with more than 20 CSOs and academic institutions